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Working Committee Participation

The Working Committees of the Australian Health Informatics Education Council are open to participation by any person or organisation with an interest in Health Informatics Education in Australia.  Ensure you have signed up to the AHIEC Information e-Mail List to receive notification of meetings and copies of document drafts as well as make comments and suggestions.

Working Committee Governance

The AHIEC Working Committees undertake work as directed by the Steering Committee.  Meetings of the Working Committees are open to all individuals and representatives of organisations.  All participants of Working Committees contribute their expertise but their input will not be construed as endorsement by their organisations.  Each Working Committee reports, escalates issues and provides outputs to the Steering Committee.  A Working Committee shall not claim to represent AHIEC.  At each Working Committee meeting the name, contact details and organisation (if relevant) of the participants will be recorded.

Working Committee Documents

27 Sept. 2010: Working Meeting (Australian Institute of Health Innovation, UNSW) - Agenda - Minutes
                      Documents: Competency Review - Clinical Terminology Roles - AHIEC Workshops Brief

19 April 2010: Working Meeting - Agenda - WorkPlan Status - Minutes

11 Feb. 2010: Working Meeting - Agenda - Health Informatics Workforce and Education Initiatives Literature Review - Minutes

1 Dec. 2009: Working Meeting - Agenda  Minutes

21 July 2009: Teleconference - Agenda - Minutes (Comment Disposition)

6 July 2009: Teleconference - Agenda - Minutes

29 June 2009: Workplan Comment Review - Agenda

22 June 2009: Workplan Review

1 June 2009: 3rd Workshop - Minutes

27 March 2009: 2nd Workshop - Minutes

10 February 2009: 1st Workshop - Minutes

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